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Other Services

Process Risk are experts in PSM / RMP related support services and offer several other services indirectly related to the core requirements of the regulations.  These services are focused to select industries or tasks but are all related to our core skillset.  Services are grouped below for easier access and clarification.

Expert Technical Witness - Legal Support Services

Process safety and risk management regulations have been in place since the late 1980s at the state level and the early 1990s at the federal level. Expert support can often be a critical aspect when legal issues arise.  Read More

Due Diligence Support

Due diligence reviews provide vital information to help companies support the asset determination and assess the potential liabilities in mergers and acquisitions (M&As).   Read More

LNG Industry Support

Process Risk provides various support services focused on the LNG industry.  Services include environmental impact studies, risk assessment and management services.  Strong teaming relationships with specialists in the industry provide a strong link to the latest requirements.  Read More