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Training Courses

Process Risk consultants have leveraged over 35 years of industry experience to develop and deliver the latest in Process Safety and Risk Management training.  Through various forms of training courses and materials we have helped provide guidance and compliance support to clients worldwide.  We offer custom courses on location or remotely vis webex type connections to help maximize effectiveness, minimize costs and allow for full schedule flexibility.  Our basic set of courses is provided below however we offer custom courses that can be built to address various aspects of PSM / RMP upon request.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) for Team Leaders

Formal team leader training is not only a compliance requirement, it is the way to help ensure the maximum benefit from PHA team time invested.  Learn or enhance your PHA team leadership skills in the most popular methodologies including HAZOP and What-if/Checklist.  Courses include hands-on workshops.     Read More

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Team Leaders

Become a LOPA team leader to expand your risk analysis leadership skills.  This is the perfect supplemental course to our PHA for Team Leaders course as there are efficiency gains to be had by performing PHA and LOPA studies concurrently in certain instances.  Work on real study examples as part of the class experience. Read More

PSM / RMP Compliance Auditing

Every 3 years regulations require a formal compliance audit of your PSM / RMP programs.  Internal identification of potential deficiencies and opportunities for improvement are critical to reducing the potential for receiving formal citations.  Learn the most effective and thorough ways to test the effectiveness of your programs before outside agencies.

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PSM / RMP Program Development & Enhancement

Learn how to build or enhance a PSM / RMP program for your facility.  Learn the true intentions of each program element and the latest regulatory expectations.  For new facilities, start off with the latest guidance to help build an effective program.  For existing facilities, leverage class training to help enhance or replace old programs and procedures with more effective ones.   Read More

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

SIS determination, verification and lifecycle management are challenges facing many industry facilities.  Understanding how the SIS lifecycle works and developing procedures to manage it can be a significant challenge.  Learn how to tackle these challenges and understand the correct way to identify and validate your safety systems.     Read More

Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Investigation team leadership training is called for by regulations to help ensure compliance and to maximize the effectiveness of the post investigation analysis.  Determining the true root cause(s) of an incident is key to learning from it.     Read More