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PSM / RMP Program Development & Enhancement


Take your programs to the next level

Process Risk expert instructors have real-world experience in developing Process Safety and Risk Management Programs across the process industries and the globe. Our expertise extends beyond knowledge of regulatory requirements and into an in-depth understanding of subsequent clarifications and industry best practices. Whether you have a specific role in your facility’s PSM/RMP programs, or just want enhanced awareness for your professional growth, our Process Safety and Risk Management Program- Development and Enhancement course may be a great choice.

Course Highlights

 Learn new skills or enhance existing ones: 

  • Gain the knowledge to develop or redesign PSM and RMP programs
  • Learn the fundamentals of PSM and RMP programs and meeting regulations
  • Learn how to incorporate two programs into a single program covering both PSM and RMP
  • Utilize examples of best practices to guide program updates to maximize benefits and compliance