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Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)


Do you know your SIS inventory and their assigned SIL ratings?

Our Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) course includes a workshop intended for engineers and others  involved in the understanding or management of the facility’s SIS equipment.  The course also address the details of SIS classification, verification, and testing. Process Risk instructors will teach you the fundamentals of the safety lifecycle according to IEC-61511 and ISA-84.01. Learn how SIS connects to other related PSM aspects including PHA and LOPA studies along with the Mechanical Integrity element.



Course Highlights

Learn or gain additional expertise:

  • Gain insight into regulatory requirements and best practices involving SISs
  • Understand the details around SISs, SIFs, and IFs including how to manage them
  • Practice running SIL verification calculations with industry leading software options
  • Learn how to utilize the skills and tools needed to classify, verify, and test your SISs