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Due Diligence Support


Due diligence reviews provide a vital tool to help companies assess the potential liabilities in mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

Companies routinely address environmental liabilities but often process safety and risk management liabilities are not considered. Deficient or ineffective process safety and risk management programs can result in a higher likelihood of catastrophic accidents subsequent to the purchase and require expensive post-purchase remedial work to achieve compliance with regulations and industry standards. This can leave the purchaser with a substantial unrecognized liability if not addressed prior to purchase. Our consultants assess compliance with process safety and risk management programs for a facility that is the subject of a merger or acquisition by employing audit protocols. We use custom auditing tools and software to conduct and document our services. Process Risk focuses on the policies, procedures and systems that make up the process safety and risk management programs being reviewed. We address each aspect of the programs and include the management systems that are used to implement them.

Services Offered

Supplement your acquisitions effort and due diligence teams with an industry expert.

Review of process safety and risk management programs for mergers and acquisitions.

We conduct an assessment and prepare a report identifying any deficiencies in the programs so that adjustments can be made in the contractual terms of the merger or acquisition to account for the deficiencies.