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Project Support and Process Integration


Projects can stress a facility’s staffing and workload demands depending on scope. Capital projects may address staffing changes during all phases of the project but often can require unplanned additional intgration support after startup.

Process Risk can provide resources to supplement project or fulltime staff for short term to longterm needs. Fully integrating a project into the normal fold of a facility’s operation can be an ongoing challenge. The additional effort may lead to extended integration times or delays in base workload assignments. Delayed integration could lead to adverse economics or even compliance gaps.



 Services available include Short or Long Term Staffing for:

  • PHA / MOC action item management and resolution support


  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development or revision support


  • Mechanical Integrity (MI) Program and procedure update support


  • Post-startup punch list items resolutionPunchlist item


  • Startup/commissioning EHS support

  • SIL validation and calculations

  • Alarm prioritzation and rationalization